Friday, September 18, 2015

Charles B. Hall Air Park at Tinker AFB 2015

Charles B. Hall Air Park
Tinker AFB, Oklahoma
Midwest City Visitors Center, Oklahoma
August 2015

Northrop AT-38B Talon
s/n 61-0817 USAF
c/n N.5183
This aircraft is actually directly across the highway at the Midwest City Visitors Center.

Vought A-7D Plus Corsair II
s/n 72-0175 USAF
c/n D-297

Republic F-105D-31-RE Thunderchief 
s/n 62-4360 USAF
c/n D559

Boeing RB-47E-45-BW Stratojet
s/n 53-4257 USAF
c/n 4501281

Douglas C-47J [DC-3]
s/n 50761 US
c/n 14828

Boeing C-135C
s/n 61-2671 USAF
c/n 18347

Grumman EA-6B-30-GR Prowler
c/n P11

McDonnell F-4D-30-MC
66-7518 USAF
c/n 2040

Boeing B-29-40-MO Superfortress
s/n 44-27343

Boeing B-52D-40-BW Stratofortress
s/n 56-0695 USAF
c/n 464066

Rockwell B-1B-II Lancer
s/n 83-0071 USAF
c/n 8

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